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Vape Club International is a premier e-liquid store that boasts of many firsts. Earlier known as Vape Club Malaysia, this company is also popular as it is Asia’s first e-liquid subscription service. It provides both wholesale and retail services. This site is growing beyond leaps and bounds and sells e-juices for all needs. This e-liquids store shares the ambition of being the best in the world for its amazing flavors, new brews, good quantity, and nicotine content. They have a team of e-juice connoisseurs who select brands, designs, flavors, and colors to brew a perfect e-liquid. They ship to over 93 countries and are constantly growing by the minute. One can browse by nicotine strength from 0 mg to 6 mg, find products with nicotine salts and flavor types. They also sell e-juice bundles and single products. Let us read more about this company.

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What are the best products in Vape Club

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  • Horny Mango

This is a very strong flavor of Mango by the company Horny. It gives a very deep throat hit and the taste lingers for long. It is available in varying levels of nicotine strength up to 3 mg. One gets 65 ml of product in a PG/VG ratio of 50/50. It is a hot favorite in Malaysia and loved by many across the globe. It is growing popular by the minute due to its smooth flavor, the effect on coils, strength and vapor production.

  • Fantasi Grape Ice

This is a bestseller in that it is a unique grape flavor. Malaysian grapes are highly famous and this flavor encashes on that exactly. It is a feeling of super delectable grapes that gives a flavorful cooling sensation which is best explained when experienced. It is a 65 ml quantity product with PG/VG: 30/70. It has nicotine strength of 0mg, 3mg, and 6 mg. It is mild on coils, tastes great, has a perfect throat hit and produces excellent vapor.

  • Throne-The Mad Queen

This is a blend of apple and aloe vera. It is that shisha type flavors that give you a sweet taste on inhalation. The flavor is deep and has aloe vera which comes up once in a while on the top and then there is a deep infusion of apple wood. This is the popular product from Throne Liquids and is easily a worldwide hit. If the highly popular double apple shisha is your favorite, then this is will enchant you. It is available in 60 ml and has nicotine strength of 0mg to 3 mg. It is excellent in taste, gives a great throat hit, produces decent vapor and is not too bad on the coils.

  • Nasty Juice Slow Blow

A strong point about this e-juice is the beauty of its packing. It is solid, strong and looks great. This pineapple and lime soda flavor e-juice is your vape buddy all day long as you will want more with every inhalation. It is a super refreshing flavor and is perfect for hot weather when all feels low. The bittersweet lime and the sweetness of pineapple intertwine to produce an unforgettable explosion of tastes. It is available in 60 ml and nicotine strength of 0mg,3 mg, and 6 mg. It is gentle on coils and produces a strong taste and good vapor.

Why should one buy from Vape Club?

  • They add unique flavors and refurbish their site often
  • They add new brands and showcase the best ones.
  • One gets the best pricing is available on their site
  • They are registered in Malaysia and legally compliant to sell these products
  • They have discreet shipping and ship worldwide.
  • They have a good blog for all the information
  • They provide a wide range of flavors

How to get Vape Club products at the best prices?

One can sign up for their newsletter and receive exclusive content about rebates, discounts, and offers. They run frequent sales as well. Using coupons will avail the best deals for you.

Shipping and Returns

They ship to all countries and charge depending on the location. One can check if they deliver to their country or not. This will determine the customs charges and extra fees if any. Also, they undertake returns for only faulty products.

Final Thoughts

Vape Club is a premium site for all deals and products. They have a wide range of e-juices and liquids of the choicest assortment. Vape Club has a great interface and has some award-winning flavors and brands. This user-friendly site has become a choice for all steal deals.