Love Flowers? If Yes, This Vape pen is your Best Bet

Most people who love flowers find that getting that perfect vape pen for themselves is quite a challenge. It is difficult to find a vape pen that gives a good hit. For those who love flowers, the vape pen is almost tough to find. Vape pens being discreet and convenient has made them very likable and attractive. Cannabis users find it hard to get a good pen for vaping that gives flavor and functionality. Today we dispel that notion and present you a pen that is best for flower lovers.
Eden Extracts’ Diamond Line pens are a premium brand of next-level vapes that deliver a good substantial hit that one can actually feel. This makes it closer to the sensation of smoking. The company is very popular in the San Francisco area. It makes in-house distillates and is famous for its valued price-pen called Gem Line.

What is special about Eden Extracts Vape Pen?

  • Can work with flowers and vape juices
  • Has a fresh earthy taste
  • Offers a deep sensory connection
  • Lab certified for terpene percentage
  • Has no pesticides and residual solvents
  • Distilled for purity and charcoal filtered
  • Child resistant
  • Tamper evident
  • No additives or fillers
  • Quality control tested

Nick Rose who is the head of Marketing and Distribution said that they knew they had to raise the bar in a couple of different ways. It aims to create a better experience for flower lovers. Eden Extracts looked at everything from distillate to terpenes. They use charcoal to filter the extract. They know a couple of proprietary techniques that one can use to get crystal clear distillate. They add cannabis-derived terpenes and one gets clean high-THC distillate. One gets a really smooth high from that distillate that has a lot of flavors.

Design and Technology

According to Rose, the design is what stands out. For the vape pen, they have increased the hole size on the mouthpiece and made it a top-airflow cartridge. This makes it simple to draw more air and breathe in. One gets larger hits due to increased airflow. It also cools the hit down so that build up or harsh smoke in the tube is less. The packaging is also futuristic and sleek as it gives one a good aesthetic sensation.

The Diamond Line pens are thus a wonderful addition to the vape pens in the market for their beautiful look, features and color scheme.

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