Top 9 Health Mistakes to Avoid When Vaping

It’s a common sight these days to see people puffing into discrete looking compact devices producing clouds of vapors on the street. Undoubtedly, Vaping is the thing!

It is said that vaping has increased 900% over the last few years and is now preferred by many over smoking. However, it’s not a cake walk! Vaping can also pose health risks when not done right! Here’s a guide to the mistakes you should avoid when you vape to decrease the risk of health ailments.

Is Vaping really better than Smoking?

Vaping is a method of inhaling vapors are produced by a vaporizer or e-cigarette. It is produced from substances like e-liquid, concentrate or dry herbs. According to a report published by Public Health England, e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking. It is said to be seen as a viable approach for those who wish to quit smoking. In the US, vaping is considered as equally harmful as smoking through the AHA has suggested that vaping could potentially be better than smoking and can help tobacco smokers quit.

All said and done, here are 9 health mistakes you can avoid when vaping to enjoy the benefits of a well-deserved vaping experience!

9 Health Mistakes you can avoid when Vaping

Avoid Dripping

Dripping is the process of directly inhaling ecig liquid at higher temperatures to produce a more concentrated vapor. However, this could lead to exposure to toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, and acetone. So it is best to avoid dripping.

Dry Vaping could harm your Throat

Always ensure that the burning coil contains enough juice before you begin vaping. There are some people who vape by not adding enough liquid into the chamber of the e-cig or they accidentally smoke an e-cig that’s empty, this process is called “dry vape” and could cause burning at the back of your throat.

Choose the Right e-liquid

Do not settle for any random eliquid which look good or expensive. Check out the ratio of PG to VG. IN case you’re not getting enough vape and can feel your throat burning, increase the ratio. For those still doubtful go to your local vape shop for guidance.

Avoid High Nicotine Percentage

Those who vape know that E-cig liquids come in different nicotine levels. For a safe vaping experience and to avoid health risks, settle for the juices with lower levels, especially if you smoke. Do not do yourselves harm by switching to e-cig or vape and using more nicotine than before.

If you’re not sure of the right nicotine level, opt for the lowest nicotine percentage possible, or ask a professional for help.

Ideal nicotine levels include

  • Heavy smokers (20 cigarettes a day) – 18mg nicotine liquids
  • Medium smokers (10 and 20 cigarettes a day) – 12mg
  • Light smokers (below 10 cigarettes a day) – 3mg liquids

Drink plenty of water to prevent Cotton Mouth

To avoid getting cotton mouth or dry mouth, if you vape often, drink as much water as you can throughout the day. This will leave you fresh and hydrated so you can keep vaping without this feeling.

Don’t settle for Cheap Products

If you are on a budget, it’s especially tempting to settle for less expensive names or unknown brands.

Apart from using cheap products, it’s potentially risky to inhale liquid from cheaply made products and the dangers they may impose. They could be made with unsafe glues and parts and pose a great risk to your health.

Reduce the chance that you are inhaling dangerous substances, go for reputable brands and products.

Watch out for Toxic e-juices

It’s important for vapers to do their research when choosing an e-juice since there are so many options with different varieties, flavors, and nicotine levels. Some vape juices are more toxic than others because of the chemicals used to create the flavors.

Scientists from Roswell Park Cancer Institute discovered the strawberry e-cigarette flavorings did the most damage to health. They also discovered that when you increase the battery output voltage of e-cigs it increases toxicity.

Clean your Tank regularly

Most vapers switch between different e-juice flavors, for varied experiences. But it’s very important to remember to clean out the tank whenever you switch flavors, which can result in blending of different flavors. This means you inhale more chemicals, resulting in more harm to health. Ultimately, unflavored e-juices is the best.

Now that we’ve given you these valuable tips, remember to follow them and enhance your vaping experience. There are plenty of things vapers can do to lower their health risks — especially until more is research is done on the risks and side effects of vaping.

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