The Latest Trend in Vaping – Water and Alcohol Vaping

Who doesn’t love the thrill and excitement that comes with vaping? The clouds, the intensity and the style it exudes make them very interesting. People have often how many things and liquids can be vaped. Few vapers may have doubts like whether water can be vaped or not. These questions can sound weird but yes, the fact that water and alcohol can be vaped gives rise to multiple doubts. Vaping is when two suspension liquids that are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol work together to create a good solution. Thus, though both water and alcohol can be vaped, the question of how they taste is what remains. Let us see how this fares and read all the possible side effects of this new fad.

Vaping Water

Vaping Water

Water is used in vapes but only to make the juices wick easily. Since VG and PG are viscous, water or distilled water cuts the strength and makes it personally preferred. They reduce the intensity from 5-15 percent and even reduce the allergies if one is prone to it.

Vaping water, however, is no fun at all.

  • One gets only water vapor and this may damage the mouth and tongue. It is basically like steam only more hurtful.
  • One does not enjoy vaping water as much. There will be no clouds and no taste involved.
  • Zero flavors as water usually contain or cannot carry any flavor. This means no taste.

Vaping Alcohol

Vaping Alcohol

Vaping alcohol does not require vape tanks. It is tiresome and extremely painful. To vape alcohol, one should try small portions only. It can be used to dilute high-intensity vegetable glycerin. Since alcohol is a difficult liquid, one needs more caution while vaping.

  • Alcohol when vapes do not damage the liver
  • It gets into the blood faster and creates a quick buzz
  • It makes one get a strong throat hit
  • One only gets a deep alcohol flavor that may prove irritating
  • It comes with health risks of overdose as one cannot control and measure exact levels of feeling high.

What are the possible side effects of Vaping Water and Alcohol?

Vaping Water

This comes with no side effect. It does not produce a great effect even. The possibility of water to be vaped is very tasteless and does not conform to the standards of vaping.

  • Can burn throat
  • Is really painful to the tongue
  • Can lead to a burnt pharynx

Vaping Alcohol

This comes with some side effects. Some of them are-

  • It causes nerve damage
  • It leads to brain swelling
  • It can lead to eventual dementia
  • One can face nasal infections
  • It causes easy collapsing
  • It can lead to alcohol overdose

Final Thoughts

When one has multiple flavors and two great suspension liquids that is VG and PG, shifting to water and alcohol does not prove worthy of it. Neither does it give the satisfaction or excitement of vaping. The multiple side effects only further the cause and make it a not preferable option. If nothing, it will hurt your mouth and lips. It is thus best to stick to the good old vape juices.

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