A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping with Temperature Control

The vape market is hit with new products every day and temperature control is very important and is considered a standard.

It is true that vaping brands every day is trying to make your vaping experience better. They help you get bigger clouds, better flavors, and overall BADASS experience. However, achieving the right temperature control for a great vaping experience is also important. This is a comprehensive guide for explaining temperature control, its benefits, and drawbacks and helps determine how it’s important for you.

What exactly is Temperature Control Vaping?

Temperature control means a solution for dry as well as burnt hits. It helps in the creation of consistent vape while you take longer drags and the temperature remains the same – and does not get hotter.

The user can choose a temperature control limit, in the range of 300°F to 600°F (100°C to 315°C). The power which is sent to the coil is adjusted to automatically keep the coil at a chosen temperature.

So, now in 2018, temperature control is a feature present in most vape mods.

How does Temperature Control Work?

Temperature control is pretty easy to use. Basically, TC works when the metal of coils increases the resistance when heated up. For those who are very familiar with vaping, you know that the coil in your atomizer has a resistance. In the case of temperature controlled vaping, you will use wires that have a known value of resistance-increase as its temperature rises.

  • The mod checks the resistance of the coil at room temperature, then it continues to monitor it as you vape.
  • The change in resistance is converted into a temperature increase and the mod adjusts the power to maintain the selected temperature.

This way the temperature is controlled.

What are the Benefits of Temperature Control in Vaping?

When it comes to vape, an important factor to consider is the right device for temperature control. Here are the benefits of temperature control.

Helps Prevent Dry Hits

The biggest advantage is preventing a dry hit. Sometimes if your wicking is not properly done or if you didn’t notice a decrease in e-liquid, you tend to get a bunt hit, and it feels real bad! If you have a temperature controlled MOD, the temperature will rise but the TC cuts power hence you will have less vapors and not a dry hit.

Battery Safety

Mods with temperature control have longer lasting batteries than those with variable wattage. Since you set a temperature to be standard to vaporize your e-juice, it prevents battery wear and tear.

Personal Safety

Yes, how often have we heard of exploding devices because of high wattages? Temperature control ensure you do not get exposed to heated devices which could explode and also ensures that you don’t inhale harmful stuff like formaldehyde which is produced due to the burning of dry wicks.

Improved Life Span of the Coil and Wick

In case, of devices with variable wattage, you may have to change the coil and wick frequently. TC MODs enable you to set a minimum temperature for a good vape. Hence, you don’t have to deal with the issue of burnt coils and wicks.

How to Vape in TC?

Here’s how you vape with Temperature Control

  • Select the TC mode and select a corresponding wire type for the coils you possess. It’s important to choose the correct TC mode for the right material being used.
  • For a mod with TCR, select the exact TCR value. Ensure your mod and tank is both at room temperature as the readings will be more accurate.
  • Install the coil and ensure it is screwed down tightly. Then put the tank or atomizer on the mod.
  • Check to see that the resistance is reading accurately and then lock the resistance using the +/- buttons. Set the TC vaping to “lock the base resistance” of the coil at the correct room temperature is the most important step.
  • Lastly, select the temperature at which you want your coil to not exceed.

If you are into stainless steel, it is the only TC material of coil that can be dry-burned if needed. But ensure you use lower wattages than that for Kanthal or Ni80. There are some TC mods that will allow you to change wattage as well as temperature, but some do automatically set your watts.

Vaping with the right Wire type for TC

Wire Types Vaping with Temperature Control
For TC vaping, one of these four types of vape wires are generally used

  • Stainless Steel – This is one of the most popular It comes in different grades like 304, 316, 316L, 317, etc. but the most common is SS316L.
  • Nickel 200-This is also known as Ni200! It was the first temperature control coil but is not used extensively now due to nickel sensitivities.
  • Nickel ferrous– NiFe as it’s commonly known comes in various grades such as 48, 30, 52, and 70. This can be used in either mode.
  • Titanium Grade 1– Is good for TC but should not be overheated.

Remember, because Kanthal and Nichrome do not change at all when heated, they are useless in TC mode. Nickel (Ni200) and Titanium (Ti) coils should not be used in vaporizers that do not have TC feature.

Are there any Cons in Temperature Control?

Limitations in Mod

Not many mods are good for temperature control. Many cheaper mods are not designed with TC in mind and come with various limitations and shortcomings.

Coil Limitations

Kanthal is the most popular material for coils and does not support TC. Stainless steel is popular, but still, the majority of tanks come with coils not suited for TC.

More Complicated

The power mode is easy to work with compared to the TC mode which requires a lot of tweaking and trials before success.

Final Word

It can be safely said that TC gives you an amazing experience devoid of trouble. It helps avoid dry hits, hot vapes and gives long-lasting batteries. It is slowly gaining popularity as regular wattage mode, and the newer devices are coming up with TC to ensure vapers have an ultimate and safe experience.

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