Sub Ohm Vaping – a Beginner’s Guide

Many new vapers are often confused about what exactly is sub ohm vaping. It sounds like the Holy Grail for all those who love those huge clouds. However many are at a loss since they are unsure of what it really means. Here is a beginner’s guide on what is sub-ohm vaping and all you need to know about it.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

We all know that coils play an important role in atomizers. The resistance of this coil is defined in ohms. If the voltage is kept constant and the resistance of the coil is reduced, the current will increase exponentially. (V = I/R). This will make it hotter and produce more vapors. Basically, thick wires offer lesser resistance due to an increased surface area.

Earlier the usual range was between 1.5 ohms and 3 ohms. Now the atomizer coils have a resistance less than 1 ohm. Such a case is called sub ohm vaping.

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping safe?

Depending on the type of tank chosen, there could be some small risks involved, but sub-ohm vaping isn’t dangerous as such.

Some of the possible dangers include:

  • Risk of batteries getting damaged due to overheating.
  • Substandard vaping gear causes inhalation of more volumes of low-quality flavoring elements
  • High-quality products can ensure your safety since only they can have good quality coils and wick materials.

What are the three factors which influence sub-ohm vaping?

Coil Resistance

The coil resistance is an important deciding factor for sub ohm vaping. a coil with more surface area offers less resistance and allows more current to pass through which a thin coil will have less surface area. Thus resistance and wattage are inversely proportional.

Vape manufacturers turned their attention to the resistance of the coil for improved vaping experiences and found that it helped immensely in a great vaping experience by increasing the wattage output.

Battery Voltage

When you consider buying vaporizers, the usual voltage of 18650 lithium-ion batteries is in the 3.7 to 4.5 volts range. The higher the voltage, the higher the wattage will be. For increased resistance, you’ll need more energy to get the same wattage.


Increased wattage is important for a sub ohm experience. In other words, more wattage means more heat produced, more vapor, and ideally more flavor.

Pros of Sub Ohm Vaping

  • The biggest advantage of sub-ohm vaping is the huge plumes of vapor which is loved by vapers. It takes your vaping experience to a whole new level.
  • There are even vaping competitions and those who participate in them totally opt for sub ohm vaping.
  • Another reason is that more vapor means more flavor. Thus since sub ohm vaping produces more vapors, it means the flavors hit stronger.
  • Sub Ohm vaping also gives stronger hits of nicotine. Hence it’s always important to choose an e-liquid with lower concentrations of nicotine. Else you will have excess nicotine in your lungs and will result in bad taste and head rushes.
  • Those who prefer warm vapors will simply love sub-ohm vaping.

Cons of sub-ohm Vaping

  • This is more suited for experienced vapors as it gives you too much vapor which could be overwhelming.
  • Sub-ohm vaping gear costlier than the above-ohm vaping gear.
  • It consumes a lot more e-juice and you have to be careful in your choice of e-juice.
  • The coils with low resistance burn faster and need to be replaced more often

What are the best e-juices for sub-ohm vaping?

Sub OHM Tanks

There are many sub-ohm e-juices which are available but they fail to have an ideal VG/PG ratio, so at high wattages, the flavor doesn’t come through. The ingredients are also of poor quality and these sub-ohm e-juices fail to make a mark.

  • Mig Vapor’s sub-ohm High VG Red Line juices have 7 unique flavors. They have a good (80/20) VG/PG ratio.
  • Halo V-Type, like other High-VG flavors, is lanothergrelat e-juice for vaping.
  • Vaporfi makes three types of e-juice, two of them for sub ohm vaping. Choose the Cloud Candy which is a mixture of cotton candy and gummi bears.

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