The Ultimate Guide on How to Fix Vapes

While vaping one may face multiple issues like leaking, spitting and popping. Vaping is very exciting and enticing but these issues can spoil the experience. Regardless of what vape pen you are using, whether it’s a regular tank or a rebuildable atomizer, one may face certain concerns. It doesn’t have to work that way. One can do plenty of things to keep these concerns to a minimum. These tips will ensure a smooth experience regardless of what type of device you have. This will negate the whole e-juice spilling and make you have a wholesome experience. These days, manufacturers are busy redesigning some atomizers and tanks to be able to combat leaking and other problematic issues like hot pops, leaks and spit back.

Some of the Common Issues faced by Vapers


Vapes LeakLeaking is when the e-juice escapes from your tank through the airflow system. Leaking can be either simple drop dripping or empty out your whole contents depending upon the reason. The vape mod is often the recipient and spoils the experience. This is a prevalent problem one will face with even the most popular sub ohm tanks. Some of the best sellers like the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast and the Aspire Cleito often considered premium and best in the industry have been troubling vapers with leaking and other errors.

Spitting and Popping

Spitting And Popping VapesSpitting is when some extremely hot droplets of e-liquid shoot into your mouth when you vape. It comes with popping sounds and one feels hit in a hot way. One can get hit in multiple ways and get burnt. In Spit backs, e-liquid gets cooked due to heat and pooled up and not vaporized. These flooded coils cause spitting and popping.

Not getting a good Nicotine Hit

E-cigarettes may deliver less nicotine due to multiple reasons like using a weak device, battery power, level of nicotine in your e-liquid or coil. So using a good device is important. It is also important to be using the device correctly. The quality of device and e-liquid are instrumental in providing good nicotine hit.

How to Resolve these issues – Solutions for all

The seal should be checked

It is important to make sure your tank is fastened properly. Sometimes if you’re in a hurry, you may cross-thread the top cap or forget to screw it together tight enough. This can make juice leak from the openings. One has to make sure the threads are closed tightly and in sync.

Keep Tank Upright

Tank UprightIt is important to keep your tank upright. E-liquid can seep through the airflow holes and if vape is not positioned well one might just deal with a lot of leakages. Keeping it vertical is very important to keep the flow and not let leaking happen.

Check your Airflow

Vape AirflowIt is important to make sure holes of airflow are fully closed. One has to be able to allow vaping even without strong inhalation. Forceful inhalation will lead to leakage due to too much e-liquid in the coil.

Keep a note of Cracks

Vape CracksIt is important to check your tank for damage or cracks. Even a thin crack in the glass or any metal can mean how it is no longer airtight. This can be due to cheap quality, inexpensive solutions and hence buy a replacement.

Picking the right e-juice

One should check the e-juice label for its proper ratio of PG/VG. Coil heads use power and lower VG makes for good leakage due to the viscosity of PG. The right e-juice is good not only for the taste but also for a life of the coil.

Cleaning the chimney

Vape ChimneyMost issues are caused due to a flooded chimney. The e-juice is collected on your chimney and enters the coil. This can be fixed by cleaning it with a tissue paper.

Bottom Line

All the common issues are avoidable and come with easy fixes. Simple solutions can create drastic impacts to evade or remove the problem. It is better to make sure these inconveniences are removed for a better vaping experience.

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