Dankgeek Review – Fastest Growing Services for their Products and Accessories

DankGeek.com is a site that sells water pipes, pipe mugs, glasses, dab rigs, and vaporizers. They are one of the fastest growing services for their products and accessories. They deal majorly with accessories for bongs that can alter the smoking experience. They offer products from premium companies like Grav Labs, Sesh Supply, Diamond Glass and their own products as well.

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Why is DankGeek Gaining Popularity?

Dank Geek is growing exponentially due to the following reasons-

  • The increase in the number of people looking for a good experience has also contributed to this.
  • The number of brands on their site (Over 20) gives users a wide range to choose from as per taste and preferences.
  • They also have responsive consumer exchanges with an email chat support system.
  • The return policy involves 100%money back guarantees for a satisfaction of 100%.
  • They offer lifetime discounts for active military or veterans on the provision of a valid military ID.
  • Since they deal with glass products, breakage is common. They have a suitable returns policy for that.
  • They also add in free goodies with every package. And who doesn’t like free stuff?

What are their Popular Products?

The range of the products they sell is vast but the most popular ones deserve a mention.

  • Bongs:

There are many products available on the site from cylindrical, beaker base, mini or large bongs. The most popular ones are Geometric Ice pinch and EYCE beaker.

  • Dab rigs:

They are concentrate pipes and are an easy way to enjoy cannabis oil or any oil. They percolate the essence of the oil and get the maximum of it. The popular ones on Dank Geek are Hang Man Circle Perc, Banger Hanger, and Donut Rigs.

  • Hand pipes:

It is one of the best ways to enjoy a smoke. They sell spoons, steamrollers, and bubblers. Large Sherlock, Doughnut Spoon, and Mini bubbler.

  • UV Reactive and Glow Glass pipes and spoons:

Some popular ones in this category are “Mister Twister” Illuminati, Specter spoon, Frosty Cube spoon etc.

What is their Shipping policy?

They ideally ship 1-3 days from the date of order and products are expected to reach in 3-5 business days. They have free shipping for all U.S. orders. They also have priority orders that ship before the shipping ones.


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Bottom Line

Dank Geek is an affordable site and offers quality products at one of the lowest rates around. This is mainly due to cutting middlemen or brokers whose commission adds to the overall cost. Testimonials of consumers are evidence of the usefulness and quality of the site. They also have regular rebates and discounts on their site which makes it a great choice for users.

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