JUUL Finally Enters the UK Market

JUUL, the famous vaping startup has finally reached the UK. After waiting for months, a clear stand has been taken on the product. It is now available in the UK. The San Francisco vaping startup has been officially launched in the UK to capture the 7.4m smokers into e-cigarettes and cater to the world’s second largest vape market. JUUL has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2015 and it already dominates the domestic US market. It has spread up to 70 percent of the e-cigarette sales in America despite bigger firms creating similar products for those who quit smoking. This month, the value of Juul reached $15bn where the new funding will be used for expansion, research and development.

James Monsees, the founder claims that Juul gives people the satisfaction they get after smoking and this helps in making the switch. They plan to make cigarettes a thing of the past in 10-20 years removing and annihilating combustible cigarettes. E-cigarettes are counted as the best ways to make the switch from traditional cigarettes to these pens that do not contain nicotine or tar. With more people concerned about health and the rising consciousness, costs and ill effects, more people are making that shift to e-cigarettes. In the UK, e-cigarettes sales are mostly at a standstill and stagnated since the initial rush in the beginning. Juul in the UK could help capitalize on that market and usher the onset of a smoke-free future.

A Juul starter kit consists of the Following:

  • Rechargeable Juul device
  • USB charger
  • Two-year limited device

Additionally Juul, unlike other big brands, doesn’t sell cigarettes and e-cigarettes. This means it is clear in its vision and thus sells only e-cigarettes. It doesn’t look or behave like a cigarette and this makes it a clear winner when someone wants to quit smoking. All this makes Juul the Apple of the vaping world.

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