Vitamin Vapes – The Latest Vaping Fad

There are many companies that are selling vaporizers that let you vape essential oils, herbal supplement, and vitamins. Vaping that started originally to kick away the habit of smoking cigarette has grown beyond leaps and bounds. People of all age groups be it teens or adults are now jumping into the vaping trend. Now vaping is being pushed as healthy. But is vaping actually healthy? Well, not really. Vaping is a done by many but the actual effects and research on the area are less. This gives rise to doubts and dogma about the effects of vaping. The latest trend seems to be vaping vitamins.

Many companies are embracing this vitamin vaping trend. A few examples of what can be vaped are:

  • Vaping vitamin B12, D, E, C and CoQ10
  • Contain vitamin concoctions
  • Essential oils
  • Herbal supplements

What are Vaping Vitamins?

Vaping vitamins are basically vaping nicotine free vitamin-laden e-juices. This means it has VG/PG and is a more health oriented. These will give nutrition as they contain the benefits of vitamins. It is promoted by wellness centric companies like Vita vapes and VitaCig.

What are the Benefits of Vaping Vitamins?

  • The efficient way to get vitamins
  • Direct delivery into the bloodstream
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Does not require water

Are Vaping Vitamins Safe?

While studies show that e-cigarette vapor has less toxic elements and lower levels of chemicals. A combustible cigarette is one which can cause cancer. Since e-cigarettes are vitamin vape liquids and herbal, they are healthier. However, smoking of any form leads to combustible elements that are not part of the original liquid. So the clarity on vaping vitamins is very unclear.

How can Vaping Vitamins Improve your Health?

Vaping vitamins and minerals are good for health. The health risks are not very defined but it may be an effective backup. It goes directly to the blood and so will add to the nutritional edge. The long-term effects are unknown but it is advisable to choose vitamins naturally nonetheless.

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