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Vape Bright is a CBD vape company that claims to offer something unique and different. It has brought high potency pure CBD with natural cannabis terpenes. There are no other additives in these organic hemp products. It has earned critical acclaim in the vaping market for being one of the very few products that do not dilute the CBD. They sell vape cartridges, starter packs, and batteries. The products they offer might be limited but since it is high on quality, it scores with its performance and attention to detail. The products are designed to start working immediately and deliver its benefits.

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What makes Vape Bright popular?

  • The primary factor that sets it apart is that carriers like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are not added. This reduces the puffs and still gives an effective dosage.
  • It uses a potent delivery device that offers almost 1mg of CBD which is quite strong per inhalation.
  • The battery life is immense as it lasts for over 100 inhalations.
  • They use internationally sourced hemp. Scandinavian hemp is not only legal but also has best-growing practices.
  • Vape Bright has published their lab results of all products on the website.
  • It is focused on rich, organic, phytocannabinoid CBD vape oil
  • It has a dedicated customer support system
  • It restores the balance of the body
  • It also regulates appetite

What are the Popular products of Vape Bright?

  • Thrive beyond CBD Vape cartridge goes beyond normal conventions and adds up to 25% more CBD that allows one to vape brighter. It goes beyond the usually served CBD limits. It rips less and is a pain reliever. The flow is also amazing and there is value for money and is 100% safe and innovative. The oil flavor is also very good and natural.
  • Thrive beyond starter pack includes a CBD vape cartridge and 1 vape bright battery with charger. It is portable and their no button features helps one inhale and just enjoy vaping. It offers 15 times more CBD in each cartridge. It charges fast and has a long battery life in general.
  • Thrive CBD vape cartridge is a pre-filled disposable cartridge that cushions itself into a 510 style threaded vape battery. It is available in 3 pack format and 5 pack formats. Each puff of thriving has pure organic CBD that is 10 times more than what one gets from competitors. They might have trace amounts of CBD which is below 0.03% and thus legal and within permissible limits.

Shipping and returns policy

Shipping depends on location, number of orders and shipping carriers. Typically, it takes around 2-4 business days and mostly at the latest. One can always reach out to the customer support through chat or email. It replaces all defective and wrong products. There is a customer focused policy works for even clearing doubts and queries related to the use of cartridges.

How long does a CBD cartridge last usually?

It depends on consumption patterns and is unique for everyone. It can last from 2 to 25 days for anyone. There are about 20 servings in each cartridge.

Do Vape Bright products contain THC?

There may be faint amounts of THC but well within allowed limits of 0.03%. This full spectrum oil, however, may not ensure a guarantee of passing a drug test.


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Bottom Line

Vape Bright thrive is a premium company that specializes in cartridge production without any VG/PG. Though the results vary from user to user, the pain relief and the basic promise of natural treatment is common for all. It has a natural, fresh smell. The prices are also affordable and frequent discounts on their site make it an awesome deal. With modern technology and design in increasing herb potency, Vape bright definitely brightens your vaping experience.

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