Study Reveals Sweet Vapes Win Over Tobacco Flavors

Once anyone quits tobacco cigarettes or the infamous cancer sticks, they face some serious withdrawal symptoms. Most people make the switch to e-cigarettes and start vaping. Vaping is not only the best way to enjoy smoking without harming your health but also eco-friendly. Any vaper knows the importance of vape juice or e-liquid that is the base that delivers in the stylish stick. This vape juice comes in many flavors and is often the choice of the vaper. While tobacco vapes are also available, the sweet ones offer variety.  Recent surveys have published some astonishing results about smoking preference patterns-

  • A young person would any day go for flavored vape juice over tobacco. This conclusion has been arrived at after a whopping 80% used flavored tobacco in a survey by the journal Tobacco Regulatory Science.
  • Almost 73% young adults in the age bracket 18-29 said they would not continue tobacco products even if flavored options were not available.
  • Another study by the Centre for Substance Use Research (CSUR) of the UK showed that a group of full-time vapers who have completely quit smoking will not go to tobacco again. They use sweet flavors.
  • Another interesting observation is that vapers mostly remain committed to their first flavor despite the plethora of options available.
  • A lead researcher at the UTHealth School of Public Health, Austin named Melissa found that taste is the most important factor in all tobacco products. Sweet flavors like vanilla, watermelon attract the youth more than others. The sweet feeling is something they will always enjoy and not be harmed as well.

Top Preferred Flavors by Vapors

This is one surprising observation since ex-smokers who once loved and enjoyed the taste of tobacco move to something more healthy, safe and tasty. The flavors they like are of three categories-

  1. Fruity or beverage-82.9% of vapers try this
  2. Dessert or pastry -63.5%vapers also try this
  3. Candy or chocolate-53.4 vapers try this

This data consists of dual vapers or even dual users (smoke cigarette and e-cigarette). Also, most vapers mix two or more flavors. Thus there is a lot of overlapping in the preferences. Tobacco and Menthol, however, rapidly declined in popularity for first-time vapers.

This result from the study proves that post leaving cigarette, one does not want any flavors that will remind them of smoking. A refreshed taste bud is what they want where they can enjoy the sweet flavors. The health concerns of cigarette also convince people to shift to vapes or e-cigarettes.  However, e-cigarettes seem to be facing some regulatory issues with FDA. This is because of the ill-effects if e-cigarettes are largely unknown and research is going on about this. The FDA believes that vaping, in general, is largely appealing to young children and the exciting flavors, sweet taste and the whole attitude has initiated a public health crisis. This is largely due to instances of underage teen’s vaping and connecting it to trends. For adults, however, it has been nothing less than a blessing.

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