Understanding Atomizers – What is an Atomizer and how does it work

All you vapers out there we’re sure you are curious about what goes into making the vaping devices what they are. Learning about your vaping device is important since this is the only way you can ensure you are using it safely and maintaining it. Here we would like to share in detail all we know about the atomizer, the most critical part of a vaping device.

What are the main components of a Vaping device?

AtomizerThe main parts of a standard vaping device include a mouthpiece, a cartridge, a heating element or atomizer and of course, a battery!

Of these, the atomizer is considered the most vital part since without an atomizer; your device is just a box with a functioning battery. To be an informed vaper and being able to customize your vaping device, you need to understand the atomizer in detail.

What is a Vape Atomizer?

Vape AtomizerThe term “atomizer” is used to describe a device which turns liquid into vapor. In the world of vapes, it’s the device which heats up your vape juice to create smoking vapors. Essentially, the atomizer is a heating coil made from a piece of resistance wire which heats up to create vapors from e-liquids.

Does Atomizer always refer to the coil in the tank?

The word atomizer is used in different ways. Sometimes it is specifically used to describe vape coils or heating coils inside the device. Other times, it is used to refer to the device containing the coils. At times, atomizers are also called vape coils and come in a variety of styles which range from disposable coils to DIY coil builds.

What are the types of Atomizers commonly used for Vaping?

Atomizer Types

How does an Atomizer work?

How do you enjoy the intense flavors and come out with a fabulous vaping experience? With a quality atomizer, of course!

  • This is like the heart of the e-cigarette. Inside the atomizer tank, there is a small heating coil.
  • Above the heating coil is where you have the wicks, made of steel. This extends into the cartridge where it draws the e-liquid towards the heating coil, thereby creating vapors.
  • Another type of atomizer used in certain devices is the cartomizer – which is a mix of atomizer and cartridge. In such devices, the atomizer is a two-part device containing a heating element and a chamber for the e-juice.
  • When the smoker puffs on the device, the e-juice is drawn into the chamber, which creates a vapor-like smoke, similar to a cigarette. This is created as a result of the nicotine which is present in the e-juice.
  • It does not smell like real tobacco but the user gets a nicotine hit and a great vaping experience!

What type of Atomizer is right for you?

Atomizer TypesChoosing the right atomizer is very important for an ultimate vaping experience. New vapers can opt for disposable atomizers and then choose something better like RDAs once they are experienced.


Generally used by hobbyists since you can open your atomizer every few draws and drip your chosen liquid directly. This gives you complete control over how much or how little e-liquid you need to drip.


These are common, simple and easy to use. Here you just need to refill the tank each time and not drip e-liquid on the wick. Basically, this is ok for beginners who just need to vape but you can’t control the amount of e-liquid that gets to the wick.


These are for vape enthusiasts or chain vapers. The flavors are just better and the clouds, bigger! You might have to pay up more initially, but in the long run, you wouldn’t be spending more compared to other atomizers.

How are Atomizers measured?

Atomizer MeasuringThe resistance of an atomizer is the amount of heat produced by the coil depending on the battery voltage. When you use a higher resistance with low voltage, you get fewer vapers and lackluster flavors. When the voltage is high and resistance is low, you may cause damage to the battery and burn out the atomizer.

Hence it’s important to balance the voltage of the battery with the resistance for ideal vape smoke and flavor.

Hence it’s important you choose the right atomizer so that your experience of vaping leaves you asking for more. We hope the above article is an eye-opener to help you choose the right atomizer and how it works. Happy Vaping!


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